Sunday, December 15, 2013


So, it has been an eventful week, to say the least. My long-ago ex, with whom I share a son, is now a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER in the State of Virginia.

Yep. What a way to start a Wednesday.

I've been trying to figure out all this Obamacare BS and so decided it was time to enforce the court order stating that he has to cover our son on his insurance. Which is Tricare. Because he's in the Army. So, I tried calling multiple sources and wasn't able to get anywhere with the military. So I Googled his name. Which, for years, hasn't turned up ANYTHING. Until Wednesday. So there's his pic on the state sex offender website, with an Article 134 and Article 80. Wish I knew the details of what happened, because it was with a minor.

I find it ironic, however, that his pervy sex offender picture was taken on the 14th anniversary of our divorce.

Karma, BIATCH!!!!!

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